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A recent travel article on Gloucester in The Huffington Post featued a visit to The Well!! Here's the article.

The Well... more than Acupuncture

Bill Cosby and Rebecca Wallace Acupuncturists The Well for Integrative Medicine is a health center in Gloucester, on Cape Ann Ma. where practitioners Bill Crosby and Rebecca Wallace provide alternative therapies for a broad range of health issues. The term 'integrative medicine' is the key to the way we practice. Integrative medicine is healing that analyzes and treats the entire person physiologically, psychologically, behaviorally, and spiritually. The treatment plan developed will often include not only the therapies we offer, but also recommendations for behavioral changes in areas such as diet, exercise, or The Well  for  Integrative Medicine Officerelaxation practices that may be vital to your recovery. Those who choose to participate in integrative medicine as patients become an active part of their own healing process, and will influence the effectiveness of their treatment as much as the practitioner through lifestyle choices and changing behavioral patterns.
The name "The Well" comes from chapter 48 of the I Ching, the ancient Chinese oracle text. It represents an unchanging source of nourishment and truth for the community to draw from.
"The town may be changed,
But the well cannot be changed…
They come and go and draw from the well…
One draws from the well
Without hindrance…
It is dependable." - I Ching chapter 48
At The Well we offer acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture for Facial Rejuvenation, Massage,Yoga and Reiki. Please browse our site to become more familiar with our practice, or contact Bill or Rebecca with any questions or to schedule an appointment.

Here's what our patients are saying.

"I have seen Bill and Rebecca for years. They are both exceptional practitioners with their own particular brand of magic. I remember one time I had to take an airplane ride in about 48 hours I was so congested that I thought I was going to have pneumonia. Bill did his 'blast it out' treatment for 2 days and I got on that plane with no problem. That was a miracle. Rebecca is one of the most elegant healers I have had. She has helped me to rebuild and unblock the many physical problems that I have had to recover from. I never see her without a full spiritual rejuvenation. I highly recommend that anyone try them both and see what works for you."
A.E., Rockport

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