Sports and Orthopedic Massage Therapy
with Kristopher

We’ll help you focus on treating and preventing musculoskeletal dysfunction and pain. This massage can be used to treat specific injuries and to increase range of motion, decrease and manage pain, and restore normal body movement and function; and can help expedite recovery from activity or competition and alleviate soreness after physical activities or sports.

Nurturing Therapeutic Massage
with Jenny

A blend of many techniques including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi (long flowing strokes using forearms and elbows), Craniosacral, Stretching and much more. With over 20 years experience and training, I can address a wide range of needs including relief from chronic pain, easing muscular aches and pains, specific injury work, pampering, rest and renewal and/or personal transformation.

Swedish & Deep Tissue Massage
with Jane

Using a toolkit of approaches learned from over twenty years of studying and practicing, I tailor each session based on listening to what each person needs at that particular moment in time. I incorporate multiple techniques including traditional Swedish, with more specific deep tissue, cross-fiber, myofascial, and reflexology.